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About Us

All our metal catapults are manufactured by us using traditional sand casting and hand-finishing methods. We manufacture and finish all our cast metal slingshots in our family owned and run foundry in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, which has over 35 years experience in the manufacturing of high quality castings for various industries. We only use high-quality virgin ingots in all our castings to make sure we produce only the best quality cast metal catapults.

All our catapults are hand cast and finished by our experienced foundrymen using traditional green-sand casting techniques before being finished by time-honoured buffing and polishing local craftsmen. Sheffield has a long established worldwide reputation in casting metals as well as buffing and polishing hand finished products and we're proud to carry on these traditional methods of casting and finishing.

We've worked alongside some great people in the catapult/slingshot communities making these catapults and enjoyed getting involved in the slingshot community, a big thanks to everyone who has supported us. We attend shooting competitions as part of Team Gamekeeper Pro-Shot and we have a Facebook Page - Team Gamekeeper Pro-Shot - for the latest news and information about what we and the gamekeeper pro-shot team have been up to.