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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m new to the sport, how should I start? Which catapult should I buy? 

The best thing to do is get the basic equipment and start practicing. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to pick up a catapult, some bands and some ammo and start shooting some home-made targets. We offer a few catapults that are low-cost and easy to learn with, such as our Pro-Shot PSBS slingshot. Shooting tips and band advice can be found on our Tips & Tutorials page. 

What will I receive with my slingshot order? 

Most of our catapults come with an appropriate band set, fixing strips if necessary and instructions on how to attach the bands (further details on what is including with each slingshot can be seen on the product page). Once you've attached some bands all you need is some ammo which can be found fairly cheap on the web. The bands we supply with some of our slingshots are strong and powerful bands but, like all latex bands, they will degrade with use and like all slingshot bands they will need replacing as soon as any tears or deterioration appear. We have a wide range of extra band sets, and materials to make your own, available under Bands & Fixings. 

What ammo should I use? 

You should only ever use lead or steel ball bearings or ammunition specifically designed for slingshots. Common sizes range from 8mm to 16mm. Do not use stones or any other small jagged objects as you may damage your bands, your catapult or even yourself or somebody else. 

What is the difference between TTF and OTT? 

These are different styles of shooting, and require different band setups: OTT (Over-The-Top) - the bands are fixed horizontally along the top of the forks so the shot is fired over the top. 

The OTT bands are set up with the bands attached at a 90° angle to the pouch so that the ammo pouch remains vertical and the bands stay horizontal when shooting. 

TTF (Through-The-Fork) - the bands are set up vertically on the outside edges of the forks so that the shot is fired through the forks. 

The TTF bands are tied in line to the pouch so both the bands and the pouch remain vertical when drawing. Some of the slingshots we sell are designed for TTF or OTT use and some allow for both setups to be used. 

Should I replace my catapult if I’ve damaged it? 

All our metal catapults will last a lifetime if they’re looked after properly. Shallow dents like fork hits and scratches won’t affect the performance of the catapult but you should always check your slingshot regularly as further damage or significant damage will mean it is no longer safe and will need replacing. This is especially true if it has significant damage to the forks such as several large fork hits in the same area, it’s better to be safe and replace a badly damaged slingshot rather than risk hurting yourself or others. 

How do I have a custom slingshot made? 

We've made a lot of custom castings for customers which you can see in our Photo gallery. If you would like us to quote for a custom casting of your own design please contact us for more information. 

How long will it take for my order to be dispatched? How long will shipping take?

Please visit our Shipping page for more information on dispatch and shipping estimates