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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start? Which catapult should I buy?  

We offer a few low-cost catapults that are great for starting out and developing your shooting skills, such as the Pro-Shot Ballistic Sport or some of the SimpleShot range of slingshots, but really any of our catapults we sell are perfectly fine for anyone new to the sport to start learning with. There is a lot of variety when it comes to catapults and there are no right answers or one-size-fits-all solutions to our sport.

We recommend new shooters do a bit of research in to shooting safety and techniques, and the different types of catapults, bands, shooting styles etc to see what they would like to try. Most of you have seen our Gamekeeper PPMG and PPMG+ in action (and its hard not to recommend these catapults to anyone, new or seasoned, because they're fantastic designs) however we offer a lot of different catapults from some really amazing designers and for us it really does come down to trying different catapults and learning new shooting styles and techniques. Anyone can shoot anything well with enough practise.

What else do I need? What will I receive with my order? 

Most of our catapults come with an appropriate band set, fixing strips if necessary and instructions on how to attach the bands. Further details on what is including with each slingshot can be seen on the product page. All bands have a limited life and we always recommend buying spare bands when ordering because you will need them eventually (If your not sure which bands you need see Which bands do you recommend? below).

Other than a catapult and some bands, the only other things you need are ammo, a target and eye protection! (Very important! Always wear eye protection and follow our safety advice). We don't sell slingshot ammo at the moment but it is easy to find on the web (If your not sure which ammo you need see Which ammo should I use? below)

How long will it take for my order to be dispatched? How long will shipping take?

Please visit our Shipping page for more information on dispatch and shipping estimates

Can we attach the bands to your catapult for you? 

In our opinion you should only use catapults that you have put the bands on yourself and you are certain they are fitted securely. Badly fitted bands can cause injuries and you should always ensure the bands are secure (and still good to use) each and every time before you start shooting. Unfortunately we can't guarantee bands will remain securely attached during shipping so we can't fit them for you.

Another reason we don't attach the bands for you is because eventually they will need replacing anyway, all bands have a limited life depending on use and we always recommend buying some spare bands and referring to the band instructions until you learn how to attach them properly (band instructions are available to download on Tips & Tutorials)

Which bands do you recommend?

Most of our cast metal flat band catapults come with a Theraband Gold or Precise .65 band set, which will be TTF or OTT depending on the catapult. When using the fairly standard 9mm / 10mm ammo we've found these are the most popular band sets used by shooters, they're a good balance of draw resistance and strength for 9mm / 10mm ammo and usually the bands we will recommend when asked. We also sell other flat bands, tubes and other bands for other types of forks under Bands and Fixings

What ammo should I use? 

You should only ever use lead or steel ball bearings (or ammunition specifically designed for slingshots).

Common sizes range from 8mm to 16mm but most shooters using our flat band catapults use 9mm / 9.5mm or 10mm. Do not use stones or any other small jagged objects as you may damage your bands, your catapult or even yourself or somebody else. 

What is the difference between TTF and OTT? 

These are different methods of shooting, and require different band setups:

OTT (Over-The-Top) - the bands are fixed horizontally along the top of the forks so the shot is fired over the top. (The OTT bands are set up with the bands attached at a 90° angle to the pouch so that the ammo pouch remains vertical and the bands stay horizontal when shooting)

TTF (Through-The-Fork) - the bands are set up vertically on the outside edges of the forks so that the shot is fired through the forks. (The TTF bands are tied in line to the pouch so both the bands and the pouch remain vertical when drawing)

Should I replace my catapult if I’ve damaged it? 

All our metal catapults will last a lifetime if they’re looked after properly. Shallow dents like fork hits and scratches won’t affect the performance of the catapult but you should always check your slingshot regularly as further damage or significant damage will mean it is no longer safe and will need replacing. This is especially true if it has significant damage to the forks such as several large fork hits in the same area, it’s better to be safe and replace a badly damaged slingshot rather than risk hurting yourself or others. 

How do I have a custom slingshot made? 

If you would like us to quote for a custom casting of your own design please contact us for more information.