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FlipClip™ X for Scout™

FlipClip X™ is the new band attachment for the Scout from SimpleShot

Now you can have even more grip, even more durability and even more awesome on your Scout. Made to accommodate TTF and OTT, just like the original, FlipClip X™ is made of aluminum. So you get a lifetime of use out of these rugged clips.

And now, the FlipClipX™ has a large slotted screw to allow the use of not just a screwdriver to fasten, but also any US coin, the back of your pocket knife, whatever! No more phillips-head needed!

The FlipClip X™ bites and won't let go. Easily band up your thickest bands with ease. Just tighten down and shoot. As always, be careful to not over-tighten. These are not toys. The new FlipClip X™ also adds some heft to your Scout and many have reported that they actually add a stabilizing effect to the Scout.

Grab yours today and be one of the first to experience the ease, quality and durability of FlipClip X™.

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FlipClip™ X for Scout™

  • Brand: SimpleShot®
  • Product Code: B054
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  • £10.00
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