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Brand new precision engineered ammo moulds for casting your own lead ammunition. With over 45 years in the casting industry, Pro-Shot’s expert foundry technicians have designed and revised the ultimate catapult/slingshot ammo mould. The moulds have been designed to meet the needs of the hobby caster to be reliable as well as remaining safe at all times while casting their ammo with the silicon handles allowing the user to keep total control of the mould at all times whilst casting their molten lead. Our unique 2 shot moulds has been designed by our in-house methods engineer to produce 2 clean and solid lead rounds using the minimum amount of lead in the runner system giving you a great casting yield every time.

We’ve revised the original 10 shot mould for several reasons.. The engineering is much more precise and makes a much cleaner BB with virtually no burr when used correctly. The handles are much easier to use and the locking mechanism ensures a much tighter fit than the original 10 shot without the need for a vice grip (but you can still use one if you wish, the silicone handles can be removed). In comparison to our previous 10-shot mould it may seem like it would be slower to produce the same amount of ammo, however we tested it extensively before starting production and it really doesn’t take that much longer to cast and finish 5 x 2 than it does 10 in one go, especially with the new integrated sprue cutter and in our opinion it’s worth taking a little extra time for a better casting finish.

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