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Gamekeeper Catapults GCUKInternational slingshot champion, world famous catapult designer, YouTube legend and someone we’ve been working closely with since we first started making catapults. Starting with casting a handful of his designs as prototypes, we soon joined forces with Gamekeeper John in the early days and have been proud to cast his world famous designs in high-grade aluminium and bronze ever since, so you can have durable, well balanced, ergonomic and hard-hitting metal slingshots that will last a lifetime. From the earlier models to the PPSG and PPMG and on to the refined result of our efforts – the new PPMG+ – we’re continuing to work with John to keep bringing you amazing catapult designs that we’re proud to make and always happy to shoot.

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Gamekeeper C.M.MK.4 OTT

£55.00 (£45.83 Ex. VAT)
£40.00 (£33.33 Ex. VAT)
£40.00 (£33.33 Ex. VAT)
£50.00 (£41.67 Ex. VAT)
£65.00 (£54.17 Ex. VAT)
Out of stock
£85.00 (£70.83 Ex. VAT)
£55.00 (£45.83 Ex. VAT)
£75.00 (£62.50 Ex. VAT)
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