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Gamekeeper Pocket Poacher Mega Grip +

It’s finally here – The eagerly anticipated Gamekeeper PPMG+ and we are proud to say it is an ergonomic enhancement to its ever popular predecessor.

Sporting an all new ergo grip design for comfort and weight reduction the PPMG+ also offers a much improved fit to the hand with the lower and narrower web swell giving shooters less hand stretch strain and further protection and comfort.

As well as the comfort improvements, the new PPMG+ also offers additional economic benefits with the new slimmer tips resulting in less wear and tear for a band sets.

Whilst the additional features of the PPMG+ naturally improve the design and comfort of the much loved original, the key features are all still present, with its fully ambidextrous grip, enlarged shooting gap and knowledge and comfort that you are buying into an iconic brand by one of the world’s most renowned designers and catapult enthusiasts.

£65.00 (£54.17 Ex. VAT)
£65.00 (£54.17 Ex. VAT)
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