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Gamekeeper Pocket Poacher Mega Grip

Gamekeeper John’s world-famous frame need’s no introduction… This frame is easily one of the most popular slingshot designs in the world and has been our best-seller for many years. Despite the release of the refined PPMG+, some still prefer the chunkier grip and original shape of the PPMG so we decided to keep making the original frame alongside the PPMG+ instead of simply replacing it with the newer model. The frame boasts a fully ambidextrous grip design in the style of the early original PPSG but with a larger ergonomic grip and smooth TTF forks with a wide shooting gap that makes firing this slingshot so easy and smooth you’ll never want to put it down.
£55.00 (£45.83 Ex. VAT)
£55.00 (£45.83 Ex. VAT)
Out of stock
£75.00 (£62.50 Ex. VAT)
£55.00 (£45.83 Ex. VAT)
£65.00 (£54.17 Ex. VAT)
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