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HTS Hathcock Target Sniper

One of the most recognisable slingshot frames among the slingshot communities and a dependable favourite for many shooters, the original polycarbonate HTS slingshots can be seen in use across the world.. showing how strong and reliable these catapults are and how loved they are by catapult folk. Which is why we couldn’t wait to bring you an aluminium version and we worked very closely with Pocket Predator during the prototype stage to make sure we kept to the original, awesome design (and also managed to come up with a smaller version for smaller hands). Whether you prefer the original polycarbonate or our metal version is more of a personally preference as the weight different isn’t actually that much and both perform excellently out in the field. Designed with finger grooves for positive and repeatable grip placement and a nice wide and forgiving fork interior. The HTS is designed to be the ultimate side shooter. Featuring versatile universal forks, you can use flat bands, squares or tubes and shoot through the forks or over the top.
£56.00 (£46.67 Ex. VAT)

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£58.00 (£48.33 Ex. VAT)

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