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The General

“The general is a catapult I designed solely for casting, there’s several aspects I wanted to cover and with the help and knowledge from other RCC team shooters I believe we’ve achieved it, firstly I wanted it to be a symmetrical ambidextrous design that feels comfortable for all hand sizes, I also wanted it to be a frame with a web-swell for pinch grip but that can also be held in the brace grip, it can be held firmly or loosely without felling like you will drop it due to a very slender waist for your middle finger to wrap around, Most importantly for me it had to be pocket-able more so then other frames of its nature, looking at the general side on clearly shows that has been achieved, Also I dropped the commonly used palm-swells as they can add unneeded bulk to a frame, instead the handle of the general has been curved away from the Palm which increases grip and comfort and makes it noticeably neater for the pocket, The frame can be shot both TTF and OTT with both tubes or flat bands, which was another box I wanted to tick, The general is a very competent frame in the hands of both beginners and expert shots a like.” Asa Wilson – Romany Custom Catapults
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