Gamekeeper PPMG+ TTF

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The Gamekeeper PPMG+ features an all new ergo grip design for comfort and weight reduction and offers a much improved fit to the hand with the lower and narrower web swell giving shooters less hand stretch strain and further protection and comfort. Whilst the additional features of the PPMG+ naturally improve the design and comfort of the much loved original, the key features are all still present, with its fully ambidextrous grip and large, forgiving shooting gap meaning this slingshot is so easy and satisfying to use that you’ll keep shooting effortlessly for hours. Suitable for all levels, beginner to expert, there’s a reason this has been our best-selling catapult since it’s release.. It has earned it’s place in the slingshot arsenal of thousands of shooters across the globe, and we’re honoured to be able to cast John’s famous design so you can also own the catapult that has won championships around the world.

The polished aluminium version is laser etched with John’s signature and a unique serial number (painted and hydro-dipped versions do not have the signature or a serial number)

Material: Cast aluminium BS1490
Length: 130mm
Width: 100mm
Fork Tips: 25mm
Shooting Gap: 80mm x 40mm
Weight: 225g

Includes a free band set and instructions

Gamekeeper PPMG+ TTF
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