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Out Of Stock HTH Thera-Band Gold OTT Band Set

Hand made Thera-Band Gold Flat Bands with a leather ammo pouch. Available in single or double TTF or OTT setups

Thickness = .63mm

Max Active Length = 200mm

TTF (Through-The-Fork) - the bands are set up vertically on the outside edges of the forks so that the shot is fired through the forks. The TTF bands are set up with the bands attached in line with the pouch so both the bands and the pouch remain vertical when shooting

OTT (Over-The-Top) - the bands are fixed horizontally along the top of the forks. The OTT bands we sell are set up with the bands attached at a 90° angle to the pouch so that the ammo pouch remains vertical and the bands stay horizontal when shooting

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HTH Thera-Band Gold OTT Band Set

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