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Tips & Tutorials

Band Assembly/Fitting Instructions:

Band and Fork Types:

There are 2 main types of bands used on slingshots; Flat Bands or Tubes (other bands are available such as square bands).  They each have their own advantages and attaching methods however which one is "better" depends more on experience and personal preference. Any of these band types can be used for shooting targets or hunting with the right technique however some might be considered more appropriate depending on ammo type and the slingshot frame.
Flat latex or rubber bands are very popular and come in various thicknesses and widths. These bands can be bought ready made in TTF or OTT configuration with a leather or fabric ammo pouch attached in the correct way, and are often sold as single or double sets (using two strips each side between the forks and the ammo pocket).

The flat band sets we sell are made from Thera-band Gold, other latex compounds or gum rubber and each material has its own characteristics and advantages depending on your shooting style and personal preferences.
The main differences between bands is the draw resistance. Those with a greatly extended draw ("butterfly" style) will usually use bands with less resistance for a longer draw. Shooters with a shorter draw length (cheek/jaw/ear anchor point style) will usually use bands that provide more resistance to achieve the same effect although this is not a standard rule and many shooters may choose bands with less or more resistance for other reasons. Please read the product descriptions for more information on draw lengths and feel free to ask us any questions about our bands.
Latex tubes also come in various widths and thicknesses and we sell separate lengths to be made in to band set as well as ready-made single and looped sets. More traditional thick square rubber bands (which have a lot more resistance) are also available.
TTF (Through-The-Forks) bands are set up vertically on the outside edges of the forks so that the shot is fired through the forks. The TTF bands are set up with the bands attached in line with the pouch so both the bands and the pouch remain vertical when shooting.
OTT (Over-The-Top) bands are fixed horizontally along the top of the forks so the shot is fired over the top. The OTT bands are set up with the bands attached at a 90° angle to the pouch so that the ammo pouch remains vertical and the bands stay horizontal when shooting.
Many new catapults offer the ability to set up OTT or TTF bands (sometimes called Universal Forks) and new fork attachment systems such as the Ocularis™ plugs and Thumb-Screw Clip systems allow for quick adjustment to suit your preferences.

Aiming and Shooting:

Facing approximately 90° to your target, keep your feet shoulder-width apart and aim towards the target while pulling horizontally to your anchor point before releasing. Everyone has slight variations to their approach depending on size and shooting style and its important to try adjusting your methods slightly until you feel comfortable shooting and your aiming improves.
We recommend starting off about 6m or 7m (20ft-23ft) away from a target such as a our printable target, a spinner target or even a playing card. As you practise shooting, adjust your stance and shooting method until you feel comfortable with your shooting and consistently hit the target at this distance.
While you are practising gradually get further away from your target (1m/3ft at a time) as you become more consistent with your aiming to make it more challenging and try shooting smaller targets or moving targets. We've added a printable target below which you can print at home and use to practice.

Happy shooting! - Pro-Shot Catapults