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Titan OTT

My name is Chris Graffin I am the creator of the YouTube channel Catapult Carnage and winner of several major titles in competitive target shooting. 

I have plenty of experience with a wide range of all types of Catapult frames, pinch grip, hammer grip, finger thumb brace, OTT, TTF, flats and tubes and I have developed my cast Titan Hunter from ProShot to offer a very comfortable and balanced shooting platform 

I first started the development of the Titan design back in 2017 and I have made many variations of the classic finger and thumb brace design since including this fantastic version for ProShot which I believe is a great option for the hunter or target shooter.

The combination of the canted handle which offers very comfortable wrist position and the finger and thumb pads ensure positive hand placement 

This in turn can help aid accuracy.

Whichever ProShot slingshot you choose to buy I'm sure you will not be disappointed. ProShot have been a massive contributer to the slingshot community in the UK and Europe and I'm thrilled to be working with them on this design. Thanks for looking


Cast aluminium flat band OTT canter grip catapult designed by Catapult Carnage and cast by Pro-Shot

Material: Aluminium

Length: 125mm

Width: 85mm

Fork Tip Width: 20mm

Shooting Gap: 40mm (w) x 20mm (d)

Weight: 165g

*Includes a free band set and instructions*

Please Note: We do not attach the bands, band instructions are provided and can be downloaded here

Designers Catapult Carnage
Material Aluminium
Colour Aluminium
Band Type Flat bands
Fork Type OTT

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Titan OTT

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