We are a family run aluminium and bronze foundry in Sheffield, UK. We started making catapults about 7 years ago, casting traditional style frames and cores, machining them and finishing them in our shop and selling them locally and through social media.

About a year later we opened our first online store and started working with designers and shooters from around the world to bring popular designs to life in high-grade aluminium and bronze alloys.

Sand casting slingshots
Sand casting aluminium PPMG slingshots in the foundry

All our metal catapults are manufactured and finished by us here in the UK, using traditional sand casting and hand-finishing methods. We have over 70 years experience manufacturing high quality castings for a variety of engineering and architectural industries and we only use high-quality aluminium and bronze ingots to make sure we produce the best quality castings.

All our aluminium and bronze catapults are cast by the hands of our experienced foundrymen before being finished by our skilled fettling team and local polishing craftsmen. Our city has a long established worldwide reputation in casting and polishing hand-made products, and we’re proud to carry on contributing to this by making quality, durable metal catapults for the slingshot community.

Finishing Cast Aluminium PPMG Slingshots
Finishing cast aluminium PPMG slingshots

We’ve had the opportunity to work alongside some great and very skilled people when designing and making these catapults, and we’d like to say a big thank you to all the expert designers and craftsmen we’ve worked with over the years.

We’d also like to say thank you to the organisers of competitions and shoots who have developed and promoted our sport and created communities where shooters can meet, learn and share knowledge, as well as making the sport accessible for anybody interested.

We’d also like to thank the youtubers and social media legends who put so much work in to their content to teach and help promote the sport, and of course thanks to everyone in the worldwide slingshot community that has supported us and helped us grow so we can keep making proper catapults here in the UK.

PPMG+ ready to shoot
PPMG+ ready to shoot

We regularly attend shooting shows and competitions with our shop and as part of Team Gamekeeper Pro-Shot

For news and updates about what we’re up to and where we’ll be, we regularly post on Facebook [proshotcatapults] and Instagram [@proshotukcatapults]