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We’ve worked with Joefe to cast his stunning, compact and highly capable tool for target shooting or hunting, in solid high-grade aluminium. Thoroughly field tested by Joefe before release. Out of all the low profile thumb-brace/pinch grip OTT cattys I’ve used over the years, after a few weeks shooting this gem I’ve got to say this straightforward, no-nonsense frame is one of the finest most comfortable and easy to use compact catapults out there. for anyone looking for a very pocketable and surprisingly lightweight solid metal shooter then you can’t go wrong with the Hotshot.

“Rest assured this frame has been a long time in the making. Its been put through a extensive field test having been shooting it for over 6 months it is in my opinion one of the best hunting frames I’ve used. It is now my only frame I shoot , now you can to. Left or right hand hold. Very pocketable and indestructible” Joefe Slingshot Hunter

£65.00 (£54.17 Ex. VAT)
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