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UniPhoxx by WASP Slingshots

We’ve worked with the talented slingshot designer Simon at WASP Slingshots to bring you his unique and very popular UniPhoxx TTF/OTT design in fully cast, machined and hand-finished high-grade BS1490 aluminium.. The design allows for Brace/ Support grip with an option to use or ignore the pinky hole, your choice. A fully filleted 6.5mm bevelled edge on the frame edge increasing into the waist of the handle provides a comfortable platform. A radius upon the Target side on the frame ensures the wrap around fingers endure comfort. Fork tips have minimal corner radii to allow for accurate alignment onto the target . TTF aiming notches are accurately positioned in the centre of the fork tips.  Symmetrical frame geometry allows Left or Right hand hold without compromise. The UniPhoxx is all that is required in Slingshot frame technology – WASP Slingshots
£50.00 (£50.00 Ex. VAT)

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