Gamekeeper PPMG Pro+ TTF

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The PPMG Pro+ is the natural evolution of the PPMG+. The world’s first fully cast aluminium integrated clip system which has been in design and development between Gamekeeper John & Pro-Shot for over 12 months and we’re really pleased with the results. The main frame remains near identical to the iconic PPMG+ with just some minor improvements to the overall ergonomics and adjustments to accommodate the clip system. The cast aluminium clips have been designed to be part of the profile of the frame itself and when assembled with the easy to use socket screws, the clips clamp down tight and evenly across the bands width keeping bands secure. The clips also allow for wider bands to be used easily with the clip system up to 30mm. It has all the benefits of the PPMG+, with a wide shooting gap and a well balanced and ergonomic grip, but with the benefit of easily changing bands on the go.

Just like the rest of the PPMG family, each polished aluminium slingshot will be laser marked with a unique serial number and John’s signature

Length: 130mm
Width: 110mm
Fork Tips: 30mm
Shooting Gap: 80mm x 40mm
Weight: 250g


  • 1x PPMG Pro+ Frame
  • 2x Pro-Clips (1x LH & 1x RH)
  • 2x High Tensile Socket Screws
  • 1x Single TTF Bandset
  • 1x Allen/Hex Key
  • 2x Spare High Tensile Socket Screws

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